Leadership Team & Organization Chart

Leadership Team

CEO, Betty Su-Chiou Ho

2016, the world once again experienced a rough year, including a strong 6.6-magnitude earthquake that struck southern Taiwan and terror attacks which caused panic in Kyrgyzstan and France. In addition, the global warming was getting serious, and several countries around the world were hit by significant natural disasters this year. Therefore, as a NGO, we kept on asking ourselves if we have played a good role to serve needy people.
During the strong earthquake and typhoon occurred in Taiwan, our staffs gave up their leaves and spontaneously devoted themselves to helping our assisted families. Because of them, we witnessed TFCF spirits of services which is to “Put other people's needs above our own”. We also met one mother who expressed her appreciation by holding our hands tightly with tears in her eyes. We were touched deeply by her reaction and it encouraged us to keep moving forward with TFCF missions affirmatively. Being needed, that’s the reason why TFCF is here. We will be here to be the beacon of hope for those needy children and families.
Therefore, we would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by all TFCF staffs and to the Board, our Advisory Committee of all branches, enterprises and the public who have supported us throughout the year. In the future, we will contribute to the world with our enthusiasm and professional service continually, and TFCF will develop steadily and carry on the mission “Where there is a need, there is TFCF”. It is our hope to bring more well-being and happiness to those in need and see the smiles on children’s faces wherever they are.

Board of Directors


Mr. Li-Min Chao

Standing Board Members

Mr. Ching-Fu Chen

Mr. Hsin-Tzu Chang

Mr. Ping-Jung Liu
Mr. Wen-Hsuan Lin

Board Members

Dr. Yu-Yuan Kuan

Dr. Lillian Ren

Dr. Li-Chen Cheng

Mr. Yung-Fa Lin

Dr. Pang-Fu Liu

Mr. Kun-I Huang

Mr. Ming-Wen Tsai

Mr. Tsun-De Chen

Mr. Chyong-Jia Lin

Mr. Wen-Lung Hsiao

Organization Chart

We established the first overseas branch office, TFCF Mongolia in 2004. Afterwards, we established five more overseas branch offices in Kyrgyzstan (2012), Swaziland (2013), Vietnam (2014), Cambodia (2015) and Jordan (2018). We provide the profession of social work, bring Taiwan experience and keep on developing our services in overseas.