Sustainable Development in Action

"Leaving no child behind in our sustainable services"

The core values of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocate for global development that leaves no one behind, ensuring that the needs of current generations are met without compromising the survival needs of future generations. It aims to create a better living environment for the next generation.

For the Taiwan Fund For Children and Families (TFCF), children are our primary service recipients, and "sustainability" is more than just a slogan. Whether in the practical implementation of service actions or communication with the public, Home Support is fully committed to international sustainable development:

Cultivating community resilience, implementing global localization

TFCF's overseas services go beyond basic survival assistance, such as providing financial aid and supplies. There is a focus on the developmental aspect of services, injecting resources to actively raise awareness among local people about children's rights and the importance of community sustainable development. The goal is to assist children in need, their families, and their communities in promoting community resilience and improving the environment for children's growth.

To further implement global localization and enhance professional services, TFCF has established direct services in seven overseas countries. Taiwanese personnel are stationed in these locations to provide assistance and development work. This not only brings TFCF's social work expertise to different countries but also involves hiring local resources as social workers. The organization is dedicated to empowering local colleagues to take on managerial roles, developing participatory action and localized service solutions in different countries, with the ultimate aim of achieving long-term goals in localization and sustainable development.

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