Other ways to donate

"Your act makes changes! Welcome to join us!"

Your donation is a gift given to benefit those disadvantaged children and their families. These donations will be used for your sponsorship program, medical care, educational/ livelihood support, emergency relief fund, etc.. By helping needy children and their families by donating, you are giving them hope to change their lives and future. It is always our privilege to work closely with a person like you to make that change.

There are so many ways to give to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. Donate online or through our many other ways to donate. We’ve made it easy to help in ways that work for you.

Ways to Donate

Please submit the form of AUTHORIZATION TO CHARGE ON CREDIT CARD to us by e-mail/fax or post. Please click here to download the form.


Please make your cheque payable to:

Name: Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

Address:  No. 228, Min-quan Road, Taichung 403508, Taiwan

Tel: 886-4-2206-1234 #1481, #1482

Fax: 886-4-2202-7288

E-mail: finance@ccf.org.tw


Name of the Bank: Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. Taichung Branch

Please call (886-4-2206-1234 #1481, #1482) or e-mail (finance@ccf.org.tw) to request the banking details.


Please call (886-4-2206-1234 #1481, #1482) or e-mail (finance@ccf.org.tw) to request the banking details.


All donations made to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families are tax-deductible for Taiwan taxpayers.

After the donation, please give us a call (886-4-2206-1234 #1481, #1482) or e-mail (finance@ccf.org.tw) to inform us of your donation:
(1) donor information,
(2) the purpose of the donation(e.g. which project, which branch office),
(3) whether to agree your donation information for public inspection

Otherwise, the direct transfers without providing the above information will become an unknown amount, which cannot be credited or used. 

Thank you.