Global Networking Establishment

Global Networking Establishment 

TFCF believes that the completion of all SDGs implementation projects cannot be achieved by TFCF alone. To maximize synergy, it is necessary for nations and organizations to work side by side and join hands to tide over the difficulties we faced during the implementation of international services. We organized Taiwan’s college and university students to form professional volunteer teams to provide project services with our overseas branch offices; recruit domestic youth to form international working teams to engage in voluntary services overseas. All together we hope these projects can allow youths to interact and communicate with people from different countries.

In addition, the participation of TFCF for various cooperative assistance around the world is becoming more and more far-reaching, including project cooperation with different countries and organizations, and humanitarian assistance in major disasters.

We have also cooperated with international non-profit organizations (INGOs) from the world through various training, international conferences, and seminars, as well as our own international interaction activities. We strive to expand the partnership of TFCF in the world, ting up Taiwan and international society. We wish that TFCF can act as an INGOs exchange platform in integrating love and resources from all over the world. Through the close partnership between INGOs, we are striving to maintain the SDGs to provide children a suitable environment to grow up in.


International Cooperation

※ Central America: A preventive approach to the irregular migration of unaccompanied children (PICMCA)

We support ChildFund International to offer refugees and supplies in Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras and integrate extraordinary immigration prevention and mitigation efforts.


※ India – Aid after Cyclones

Cyclones destroy many houses, roads, railways, as well as other infrastructure. Through ChildFund International, we offer 3,000 units of supplies to families, establish 30 resource centers for children after the disaster, and bring learning materials to 3,000 children and 20 schools.


Japan – Aid after Typhoon Hagibis

Days of rain with Typhoon Hagibis break down several river banks in Japan. Across the country, 374 landslide incidents cause 93 deaths and 468 injuries. We support ChildFund Japan and its works in Nagano Prefecture after the disaster, offering food supplies, child protection, temporary learning centers, and mental consultation. The effort benefits 115 children and 300 seniors.


The Philippines – Aid after Earthquake
Tremors happen in Mindanao in The Philippines on October 16th, 2019 with 7 deaths and 215 injuries. We support ChildFund International in their efforts after the earthquake and offer mental rehabilitation plans at Makilala City, Cotabato Province, to establish a temporary school, reconstruct damaged classrooms. It’s expected to benefit 11,340 students and 300 teachers.


※ Cambodia – ACE Young Leadership Program

We continue to work with the Cambodian organization Advanced Centre for Empowerment (ACE) in 2019. In disadvantaged communities in Phnom Penh, we arrange community activities for children, adolescents, and parents. Other works include English classes, nutritional supplements, art and yoga classes, traditional dance, health education and cleaning, female health, among others. We invest in US$29,997 to serve 550 people.


The Philippines - Child Education Program

We support Childhope Philippines, offer transportation and meal fees to 150 children, and track their academic performances.



International Cooperation

International Service Area: Laos

We maintain service networks with local organization Aide et Action (AEA), Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES), and local Village Educational Development Commissions (VEDC). In 2019, supporting over 700 ethnic minority children in 4 remote communities. Our services focus on school lunches, better school facilities, and health education campaigns.


SDG4 International Conference: Philippines

On November 14th and 15th, 2019, From Promise to Practice: Equity and Equality of Education international conference is held in Manila, The Philippines. It focuses on SDG4 (education). It facilitates conversations among local NGO practitioners, international organization workers, as well as industrial, governmental, and academic representatives. The event elevates TFCF service quality by connecting international information and cooperation platforms and improves TFCF exposure by local social engagements.


Overseas Elite Scholarship Program

We are mainly responsible for the application of Taiwanese college students' internship programs to overseas branches. There are 7 colleges who interned in our branch offices in Eswatini, Cambodia, Jordan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Philippines, and the international development division office in 2019. To offer more learning opportunities to overseas children, TFCF continues to work with Tunghai University in 2019. Currently, 9 overseas students are studying at Tunghai University, including 4 in undergraduate programs, and 5 in the Chinese learning center. Another overseas student is studying graduate programs at another university in Taiwan.


International Youth Program

In 2019, 12 members of the international working program visit Mongolia and organize camps for 40 participants. In the summer volunteer program, KMUTT in Thailand, Fu Jen Catholic University, National Taiwan University of Arts, Feng Chia University, National Chiao Tung University, National Chiao Tung University, Taipei Municipal Da-An Vocational High School, and Taipei Medical University visit Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Eswatini and Cambodia. In total, 150 volunteers participate to support 1,370 people locally.