Global Networking Establishment

Global Networking Establishment 

TFCF believes that the completion of all SDGs implementation projects cannot be achieved by TFCF alone. To maximize synergy, it is necessary for nations and organizations to work side by side and join hands to tide over the difficulties we faced during the implementation of international services. We organized Taiwan’s college and university students to form professional volunteer teams to provide project services with our overseas branch offices; recruit domestic youth to form international working teams to engage in voluntary services overseas. All together we hope these projects can allow youths to interact and communicate with people from different countries.

In addition, the participation of TFCF for various cooperative assistance around the world is becoming more and more far-reaching, including project cooperation with different countries and organizations, and humanitarian assistance in major disasters.

We have also cooperated with international non-profit organizations (INGOs) from the world through various training, international conferences, and seminars, as well as our own international interaction activities. We strive to expand the partnership of TFCF in the world, ting up Taiwan and international society. We wish that TFCF can act as an INGOs exchange platform in integrating love and resources from all over the world. Through the close partnership between INGOs, we are striving to maintain the SDGs to provide children a suitable environment to grow up in.


International Cooperation

※ Turkey-Syria Earthquake 2023

On February 6th at 4:17 a.m., the #TurkeySyriaEarthquake struck with its epicenter located in Turkey. However, this earthquake also heavily impacted neighboring #Syria, which is often overlooked by the media and the public as a region affected by earthquakes. The province of #Aleppo, Syria was hit the hardest, with over 40 buildings collapsing during the quake. Due to the lack of search and rescue equipment and external resources, the number of casualties continues to rise.

Therefore, we are partnering with the Italian NGO WeWorld Onlus (a member of the Childfund Alliance) to distribute essential items such as mattresses, blankets, hygiene products, sanitary clothing, and baby items to shelters in the most severely affected province of Aleppo. We are also arranging water trucks to supply water in areas where primary water resources are not accessible due to damaged infrastructure, ensuring that the basic survival needs of the population can be met. We will continue to stay in touch with WeWorld Onlus and evaluate the need for further mid-to-long-term assistance based on the situation.

*All pictures are provided and copyrighted by WeWorld.

※ Indonesia: Floods & tropical cyclones

On February 20, 2021, a flood occurred in the Jakarta region due to days of heavy rains; Severe Tropical Cyclone Seroja made landfall in the southeast region of Indonesia, which led to another flood and landslide. We supported ChildFund Indonesia in providing learning supplies, personal hygiene supplies, and social support to the local children.


※ India: Emergency aids during the pandemic

We supported Children Believe India and ChildFund International in providing emergency aids in India, including medical devices, vaccination, food packs, as well as psychological and social supports.

※ Sri Lanka: Emergency aids for the pandemic

We supported ChildFund International in providing food packs, epidemic prevention supplies, medical devices, and epidemic prevention education in 10 service areas in Sri Lanka.


※ Mexico: Hurricane Grace

We supported ChildFund International in providing food and repairing the roofs destroyed by the hurricane for the supported families.


※ Ethiopia: Armed conflicts

We supported ChildFund International in distributing food and life necessities to local families impacted by armed conflicts.


※The Philippines: Typhoon Rai

Typhoon Rai hit the central region of the Philippines on December 18, 2021 and brought about serious disasters. We supported ChildFund International to provide emergency aids, children’s education support, and livelihood restoration project at Bacolod City and the Municipality of San Joaquin. Also, relief programs were supported to help the impacted residents access food and daily necessities. Assistance was offered to partner elementary schools to restore water supply systems as well.