Why donate?

Where can I get information on TFCF’s financials?

Our financial statements are available here. 

Annual reports are available here

Why should I choose TFCF?

Since 1950, TFCF has contributed as the leading NGO for needy children and their families in Taiwan. In addition, in the worldwide scale, TFCF is supporting more than 100,000 children and ranked as top 10 number of sponsored children. We dedicate to break the cycle of poverty. To make a bright future possible for children. We focus on sustainable development goals that empower people with access to the basic resource and solutions they need. Where there is a child in need, there is TFCF.

Why should I donate to help children in poverty?

The scale of poverty is immense and we seem powerless to stop it. Such despair is understandable, but the facts tell a very different story. In effect, poverty is a problem that has proven solutions, and giving plays a crucial role in combating extreme poverty.

Your donation directly correlates with the number of people you are able to help. But you don't have to be a millionaire to make a significant difference; even small donations have the potential to drastically improve a child's quality of life.

Effective interventions can break the cycle of poverty for the world's neediest children. Your donation can not only mitigate the poverty but also synthesize as a community intervention for hygiene, sanitation, education and water resource. Aid provides those living in extreme poverty with the essential resources necessary to attain a better standard of living.

Donating to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

What is your postal address?

No. 228, Min-quan Road, Taichung 403508, Taiwan

Can I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes, your email will receive an electronic receipt once your donation is confirmed. If you need hard copy receipt, please log in to member center to apply. We will issue a paper receipt and send to you in six weeks.

Can I make a donation from an international address or with international currency?

We welcome donations from around the world. Please refer to the online donation.
NOTE: Donation via credit card will be calculated in USD. If a donation is made from an international bank account, there may be additional fees incurred with that transaction.

How can I donate to TFCF?

The easiest option is to donate online. You can donate using any major credit card. Please visit the here to explore other options to make a donation.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Donation is deductible ONLY for donators whose nationality is Taiwan (R.O.C)or Corporation registered in Taiwan.

TFCF is a Taiwan registered Non-profit-organization and Non-governmental organization. Our registration number is Tai(84)Ne-Se-Tzu-Di-8475595 and exemption number is 52628812. Please consult your tax professional or Department of Financial and Auditing in TFCF if you have any questions.