Global Partnership Program

Global Partnership 

Construction of Three Primary Classrooms for La Chiriza School in Estelí, Nicaragua

Cooperated with CCFC, this project ultimately constructed three primary school classrooms with restrooms for children. These classrooms will benefit an average of 200 primary students each year. A total of 238 primary and secondary students (124 boys and 114 girls) have been registered for the 2016 school year in two different sessions (morning and afternoon). In addition, at least 120 parents have been directly benefited by their participation in the training process and two new teachers, provided by the Ministry of Education (MINED) now have a post in a facility conducive to learning.

 The house rehabilitation in Kyrgyzstan

Our 40 sponsored children come from Kemin Disable School in Kyrgyzstan. We provided the fund for house rehabilitation for the coming winter season.

Three Classrooms Project at BAKATA Municipality, Burkina Faso

Working with BØRNEfondens in Burkina Faso and supported Bakata B School with the building and equipment of three new classroom contribute to increase the enrolment in the commune and permit the pupils better condition of learning. The pupils, the teachers and the pupil’s parents committee and mother association appreciate positively this realization.

The crisis of food shortage in Ethiopia

More than 8 million people in Ethiopia are in famine. And insufficient rainfall leads to food shortages. This project would benefit children under 5 with malnutrition, breastfeeding women, gravida and elders in the community. There were 417 children benefitted.  

Young Leadership Program

The poor environmental quality and conditions in Cambodian slums are seen everywhere. The education opportunity for children and sanitary resources are insufficiently. Therefore, TFCF will establish a learning center in the community for youth to provide after-school tutoring, leadership training and sanitary education. 



Children protection and development project in Shenyang County

TFCF has been working with Gender Development Solution (GDS) since 2014 to sponsor children in Shenyang County, Shaanxi Province. By the end of 2016, the service has been working in 12 schools and sponsored 800 children. We focus on child protection in impoverished rural communities.

Children are short of learning resources, resulting in lack of reading ability and self-confidence. GDS organized activities and workshops to promote children learning. Such as the establishment of a group of children and a variety of workshops, including painting, reading and cultural experience. GDS also worked with two schools to convert empty houses into children activity centers and provided materials and equipment (such as books, sports and art supplies) to enhance the learning resources of community children.

In order to enhance children's learning environment, we organized parenting education and promote parenthood communication. We also organized teacher training to expand the teacher's teaching methods which can be actually applied to the classroom.