Overseas Program

Currently, TFCF provides children sponsorship program to help over 60,000 needy children in 37 countries. We have the sponsorship and services through our INGO partners and TFCF 7 Overseas Branch Offices.

In July 1987, TFCF launched “Foreign Children Sponsorship Program” regardless of race, religion or gender. Through working with INGO partners, our sponsors make a donation of NT$700 monthly to help with children’s growth and development needs worldwide. Child-focused and community-based projects are designed to help improve their lives. Services relating to the nutrition/medical care, environmental improvement, education and livelihood support are TFCF typical programs which would directly impact children’s livelihood.

TFCF has dedicated to support vulnerable groups in the society and provided them with care services timely. In addition to helping needy children and families in Taiwan, TFCF gradually expands to become an international organization to better lives for more needy children and families overseas. We insist “Where there is a child in need, there is TFCF”.

In 2004, TFCF started our sponsorship program abroad and established the first overseas Branch Office in Mongolia. Afterwards, we established six more overseas Branch Offices in Kyrgyzstan (2012), eSwatini (2013), Vietnam (2014), Cambodia (2015), Jordan (2018) and Philippines (2019).