Universal Education

Universal Education

  • Educational Supplies
    12,801 children
  • Library Program
    9,967 participants
  • Sports Program
    3,265 participants
  • Talent Training Program
    5,075 participants

It’s hard to believe that there were about 124,000,000 children who were unable to complete their basic education in the world.

Many children had difficulty in reading in Africa and some children dreamed that they could go to school and learn to write their names. In order to help those children make their dream come true, TFCF provides education assistances for needy children and youth in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Swaziland, Vietnam and Cambodia. In 2016, we helped 12,801 children and provided them with school supplies, uniforms and bathroom essentials in order to reduce the number of out-of-school children.

Educational Supplies Program

Although developing countries have basic compulsory education, when the new semester coming, parents must have a lot of pressure in the preparation of student uniforms, school supplies and so on. Educational Supplies Program provides educational supplies such as uniforms, hygiene products, etc., so that children would not be discriminated in school and reduce the rate of drop-out. The Mongolia Branch Office has been actively engaged in pre-school education since March 2007, assisting disadvantaged children in kindergarten for the renovation, construction, and tuition fee of kindergartens. It provides school supplies, hygiene products, nutrition and educational equipment.

Talent Training Program

In addition to the tuition fees and educational supplies, to explore the child's talent and expertise can encourage children’s confidence and participation. In Mongolia, we offered courses for gymnastics, cartilage, boxing, dancing, folk songs, violin, taekwondo, swimming, Morinkhuur, painting and chesses, etc. 100% of All the participants gained the confidence, five students who learned gymnastics and cartilage talent participated in international competitions. 14 children participated in the competitions in Mongolia and received 45 awards. In Kyrgyzstan, our main axis is to accompany children to involve the programs, such as English classes, dance classes, guitar classes, hand-made classes, photography classes, etc. These are designed by a dedicated social workers, through this way to establish relations with the children, and work with children by different mediums, to accompany children to learn and grow. In the annual family meeting, we also invited the children to show themselves, and let the children see the opportunity to achieve the goal.

Library Program

In Mongolia, we have set up 13 library service points in the community and the school. We carry out reading plan and school support service at each service points. Every month we replace books and when we provide sponsor fee in rural areas, we provide different category’s books to children, and they can have different choices. In Cambodia and Kyrgyzstan, we establish a community library in our own office, and held a reading and painting competition, provide more incentives for community children to access the resource. TFCF develop children’s reading habits, and open up their mind through the book and knowledge.

Sport Program

Children who participate the sport will encourage positive and decent characters themselves. In 2016, Kyrgyzstan branch office, 1,665 children participated in the soccer team, they jointly experienced collectively routine training, community football tournament, summer camp activities, cycling around Taiwan. We are a team with mutual cooperation and character education. Soccer is the media to encourage social workers and children join together. In Swaziland, Children generally lack cultural stimulation, we cooperate with Olympafrica Development Centre to organize teamwork through group activities, such as ball games, fun games, sport stacking, netball and other activities.