Bring a healthy future for children in Eswatini

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Where are we helping?

Eswatini is one of the most poverty-stricken countries in Southern African with 63% of Eswatini’s population living below the poverty line especially in the rural areas where TFCF sponsored children and their families live. This implies that they are prone to risks of food insecurities to malnutrition and ill-health. The food bank project will be paramount in the provision of emergency food materials to TFCF sponsored children and their families in times of great need.

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Eswatini Branch Office (TFCF Eswatini) was established in July, 2013. The main goal of TFCF is to help needy families and children with basic life need and education. In Eswatini, our services include food assistance, emergency relief, infrastructure, water resource, vocational skills training, children’s education, etc. Currently, we assist around 6200 children in TFCF sponsorship program who is under the age of 23 and the scope of our services includes 31 Neighborhood Care Points, 9 Primary Schools, 4 orphanages, 10 Home-Based Care Center, 3 Caritas, and 1 Refugee Reception Centre. We hope to bring and secure a healthy and bright future for children in Eswatini.

Why are we helping? 

As we know, Eswatini is considered one of the poorest countries in the world with a high rate of HIV/AIDS. Some of the children sponsored by the organization are affected by this pandemic and also take medication. Due to lacking funds in families, they are forced to drink pills on an empty stomach. The food bank project will help reduce this challenge. On the other hand, we want to help the NCP have enough food that is cooked on a daily basis. We hope for the health and growth of the children by proving a variety of bodybuilding food that will boost their immune and physical being so that they grow well and perform well at school. Finally, to help or provide timely assistance to poor and child-headed families that are supported by TFCF Eswatini.


How do we help?

Commensal (sharing food) is an essential culture and an urgent issue in Eswatini. Over 50% of TFCF sponsored communities are short of basic facilities for cooking. The Community Kitchen program had funded and implemented the infrastructure, such as pantry, kitchen, public toilet, and playground for Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs) and sponsored school. In 2019, we have assisted 22 communities to replace their stoves, tables and chairs, tableware, etc., benefiting 1,459 residents. Together with the Nutrition program, TFCF has devoted to fund and maintain the basic food supply for children in Eswatini. TFCF supplied basic food ingredients to the NCPs, schools, children’s homes, and refugee camp. And we established the community kitchens for children having at least one proper meal a day. In 2019, we have provided 11,824 food-packs (included beans and corn) to children in Eswatini.



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