Eswatini: Nhlangano Branch Office


The TFCF Eswatini Branch Office was opened in 2013. Since then, we have grown deeper and have scaled up our work in the region. The Neighborhood Care Point, NCP that have relationships with us are also gradually flourishing around the country. Our main location is at the Capital Mbabane, which is quite far from the NCPs in the south of the country. Considering the increase of need, to get closer to our supporting families and to improve our service quality, we decided to set up the Nhlangano Branch Office, which was opened at the end of 2021. Nhlangano is the fourth largest city in Eswatini as well as the capital of Shiselweni. Nhlangano is around 125 kilometers away from Mbabane and is a major developing town with huge carpentry and textile industries. We hope to use Nhlangano as a jump start and propel us to provide more projects and services in the south of Eswatini and create significant changes for the children and families over there.