Philippines: Let children learn and grow in love


Children have different needs in different stages of development, but these stages are interconnected with and inseparable from each other. Many studies showed that it’s better for children to be stimulated as early as possible. Children's development is crucial not only for children themselves but also for society as a whole. Based on this perspective, TFCF Philippines Branch Office provided medical checks up and consultations for children aged 0-2. We invited local doctors to check the children’s development or conditions. We also gave out pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, Moringa Tree, and bananas, and let parents use these ingredients as a complementary food. We also worked with the Trinity University of Asia and hosted a series of courses on parental education and children's development and had an attendance of 46 parents and 10 children. We hoped these activities could provide a better learning environment for children and let the children grow up in love and care.