The Little Thing

Have we really heard the voices of children? What are the children’s life in the other part of the world? TFCF Vietnam branch office make this video, showing the real life of Vietnamese children.

TFCF in Vietnam

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Vietnam Branch Office was founded in 2015. This is introduction of TFCF Vietnam Branch Office in Vietnamese language. Let’s learn more about what TFCF do in Vietnam.

TFCF in Kyrgyzstan

TFCF Kyrgyzstan branch office implemented varieties of program, such as nutrition improvement program, health education, talent program, BEMS soccer program, student program, and library built to enhance the living environment for poor communities.

The distance from Taiwan to Kyrgyz

According to the statistics, there are close to 30.6% of the people in Kyrgyzstan that live below the poverty line. Kyrgyzstan TFCF branch office was established in 2012. We have helped over 7200 underprivileged children get a better life.

TFCF program: Bike tour around Issyk

The teenager program in Kyrgyzstan: Bike tour around Issyk. In 2017 summer, there are 18 teenagers from Taiwan and Kyrgyzstan who cycling 505 km around the Issyk lake. They encourage each other to keep going and never give up.

Children’s Smile

Since 2004, TFCF established the overseas branch office in Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Swaziland, Vietnam and Cambodia to provide service for needy children and families.

Sharing the love

TFCF have been on this journey to help people for sixty-seven years. All of our workers have shared their love. That's why we have the courage and the warmth to continue for the sake of these children to persist in our mission.
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