Eswatini: Learning Bicycles check-up


Bicycling is a great way to transport sustainably. Not only is bicycles comparably cheap to acquire, but they also allow the rider to improve their health. As a result, we can see cyclists riding their bikes throughout the streets in Taiwan, and even professional cyclists training with their road or mountain bikes in the suburb. But in Eswatini, bicycles aren’t that common in the country due to the limitations of costs and road conditions. Therefore, TFCF Eswatini Branch Office arranged a cycling experience in our Youth Capacity Building project and let the children learn how to ride bicycles. Learning to ride a bicycle could improve the children’s confidence and team awareness. During the programming, we saw a sense of accomplishment on the children’s faces, and we also saw those who know how to ride often help those who haven’t mastered the technique. To cultivate problem-solving skills, we even invited staff from the local bike shop to come and teach the youth how to fix their bikes, including checking tire pressures, patching their tires, and more. Through activities like these, TFCF Eswatini Branch Office hopes that the youth could cultivate the skill to solve the problems as they arise and implement it in the other aspects of their lives.