TFCF Vietnam: Launching Rural Healthcare Project


On July 28, TFCF Vietnam and the Department of Health in Hoa Binh province held a signing ceremony for a 5-year memorandum of understanding, initiating a rural healthcare project in three impoverished communities within the province. The project includes essential services such as healthcare personnel training, provision of medical equipment, women's health education activities, cancer screening initiatives, children's health check-ups, and the distribution of nutritional supplements. The goal is to enhance the quality of healthcare for women and children in rural areas. Hoa Binh province is located in the scenic and culturally diverse northwest region of Vietnam, where ethnic minorities make up over 70% of the population. The province has lower development levels, and healthcare and education resources are relatively scarce. In the targeted impoverished communities, the average monthly income is less than $50. Since 2020, TFCF Vietnam has been actively involved in improving the learning environment and education quality in collaboration with local schools in Hoa Binh province, ensuring sufficient nutrition for children. This new collaboration focuses on health, aiming to provide better healthcare resources for the local population.