TFCF Village in Mongolia


Mongolia is experiencing very low temperatures and heavy snowfall since these years. By facing a winter disaster, Hu's family was forced to move to Ulaanbaatar. However, a family of eight persons, they had the living problem, like their daily meals or dwelling. After moving into TFCF Village, they gradually improved their living conditions. TFCF Village is located in outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, and it takes 4-5 traffic hours from the city center. Many residents are unable to have the right family-work balance. In 2012, TFCF Mongolia provided the handcraft training program to help residents to learn the traditions of Mongolian cashmere and crafts and produced many local goods for the charity selling. Hu’s mother participated in the program and improved their financial situation. Through the assistance of TFCF social workers, Hu’s family has been self-reliant and realized their dream today. Even moving out from TFCF Village, Hu’s family would visit and assist people in the village all the time.