Philippines: Returning to Taal Volcano


The Taal Volcano is only 50 kilometers away from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and has been active in recent years. Volcano activity often comes with intense earthquake, which not only impacts the daily of people living in the vicinity but also jeopardizes the health of people and flight safety with the volcanic ash and dust. After the Taal Volcano erupted in 2020, the TFCF Philippines Branch Office worked with the local organization Gems Heart and started organizing disaster prevention and reconstruction in the Buso-Buso and Banyaga districts. On top of providing children’s mental health and development education, we also provide the parents with farming, business, and chicken farming to generate more income. At the end of February, our social workers checked in with the families who live in the vicinity of the volcano, not only to learn about their current living situation, but also to talk with our local partners, parents, and volunteers in the community. We discuss what else we can do with the community, and work toward a better future together.