Japan: Visit from Ashinaga Foundation


The Ashinaga Foundation (足長育英会) is a prominent non-profit organization in Japan that provides financial support and emotional care to orphaned children. They have had long-standing exchanges and collaborations with our organization. On March 28th, Mr. Hiroyasu Sato, the director of the Youth Development Program at Ashinaga, visited us. During the visit, we had discussions about ongoing business development and Mr. Yoshio Tamai, the president of Ashinaga, expressed his gratitude to our organization in a letter of appreciation. This visit marked a long-awaited physical exchange between our organizations since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to maintaining a friendly relationship, we look forward to promoting the well-being of more children through the sharing, exchange, and reflection of practical experiences. As the pandemic gradually comes to an end, the "Youth Exchange and Capacity Building Program," a longstanding collaboration between Ashinaga Foundation and TFCF, has also resumed. This year, we have sent a trainee from Chiba Commercial University who will intern at the TFCF Taitung and Ta-Tung Children's Home for the next 8 months. We hope that this bilateral exchange can continue to deepen and flourish!