TFCF Kyrgyzstan: Opening ceremony of the new library


Reading brings many benefits to children, including improving reading skills, building character, expanding knowledge, and helping in informed decision-making. Encouraging children and families to discover their joy in reading, is one of TFCF’s main focuses.

On March 11th, after days of renovations, TFCF Kyrgyzstan officially opened its new library. The branch office invited a publisher, an interpreter, a journalist, youths from capacity building program and other community members to join the opening ceremony. On that day, the inspiring stories of Oprah Winfrey and Ingvar Kamprad were shared to motivate youths to learn and uncover the truths of the world continuously.

From now on, community members can come to TFCF’s library to read and borrow books on various topics. Though opened not long ago, until the end of March, the library reached more than 100 people in the community.