TFCF Student Cultivation Program


Collaboration between TFCF and Tunghai University has resulted in the Overseas Student Cultivation Program, sending outstanding students from overseas branch offices to Taiwan for undergraduate studies since 2018. Enkhbayar Enkhmaa, hailing from Mongolia, was among the first cohort of students. She underwent a year of language training at the Chinese Language Center before pursuing a degree in Political Science focusing on International Relations. Enkhmaa, a vibrant and outgoing individual, has adapted well to life in Taiwan and has shown great dedication to her studies, achieving excellent academic performance. Already fluent in Mongolian, English, and Mandarin Chinese, she has also diligently learned Korean in her spare time, working towards her dream of studying in Korea. Recently, during Tunghai University's graduation ceremony, Enkhmaa was invited to deliver a speech on behalf of the Mongolian international students graduating this year, bringing warmth and joy to the occasion. We sincerely congratulate Enkhmaa on her achievements and wish her continued self-improvement. May she return to her home country and make significant contributions to her nation and society, providing a better life for her family.