Clean Water for Schoolchildren in Vietnam


Keep Working in Vinh Long

“TFCF has supported the social work in Vinh Long province since 2015. Vinh Long province is 135 km far away from Ho Chi Minh City and we found children faced acute water and sanitation crisis during our visits. Most of families use river water in their daily lives, and some of them even don't have toilets. After estimating the impact of water, sanitation and hygiene on diseases of our assisted families, I think river water drinking is the key as a cluster of risk factors. We really hope the condition will be changed through our project which will benefit more children in Vinh Long. As a social worker, I will love to see the health of children improve. It is for sure that you can count on us and we look forward to the start of this project. Thank you for your support in this matter.”

- Message from Kevin, TFCF social worker in Vietnam

Project Kickoff

We have finalized two candidate schools in our project, including An Binh Secondary School and Tan Hanh Secondary School which are making good progress. We have visited them with the supplier recently since both schools obtained the approval from the local authority and were ready to start the project soon. In the meetings, we clarified most of issues and signed the agreements with two schools and the supplier. We also organized an introduction of water purifier system for the school principal and staff, including the functions and the procedure of installment by the supplier. Furthermore, the supplier has done good site surveys and finalized the detail and locations of the installment of water purifier system. It’s great to tell you that we have kicked off the project and the supplier will deliver all hardware and parts of system later to two schools separately. The installment of water purifier system will be started as soon as possible. Thank you for your great support and please help invite more people to join our project and let’s bring clean and safe water to schoolchildren together.