We feel like our community revive again!


Ejubukweni is a rural area located in the Hhohho Region of Swaziland. Over the past years Ejubukweni has been greatly affected by drought. This is not the only place which residents have struggled to access safe water in Swaziland.

In Swaziland, people rely on farming for food and to earn a living. And without a source of safe, clean water, they were struggling to keep themselves and their livestock healthy. During the dry season, the problem of water scarcity is always serious and critical.

In order to provide the community with clean drinking water, TFCF Swaziland Branch Office helped build water supply systems for 14 communities in 2016 to provide clean and stable water supply.

Thanks to your amazing support, these local residents are overjoyed to have water supply system bringing water from groundwater.

“We feel like our community revive again. Now our children will attend school regularly, and after school they will have clean water to drink around their home. We don’t need to walk a long distance to reach safe water. It’s a brand new life,” said a local resident.