Nutrition improvement in Cambodia


Phat Sreylis is 3 year old. She lives with her parents, and her two older brothers. In the past, her father was a motorcycle taxi driver and earned only USD 100 a month. Since her father is the only breadwinner in the family, the family lived in a difficult situation, lacking of foods, rice and money to support their children. Sreylis always got sick, and her two older brothers did not attend school regularly because they did not have enough food. However, their life is changed when TFCF Cambodia supported their family. Most of services are really important and beneficial for Sreylis’s family, especially nutrition improve program. Sreylis’s family gets 5kg of rice from TFCF Cambodia every month, so it really helps her parents to release financial burden of the family. Moreover, Sreylis now grows up healthily, and her two older brothers are regular students in the class. Her father feels motivated to go to work and earns more income to support his family.