My New Life: Primary Education support in Cambodia


Chhan Lypen was born in 2009. She lives with her grandparents, one younger sister and a younger brother since her parents have moved to work in Thailand and has lost contact from that on. Both of her grandparents work as farmer and earn USD120 a month. Working as farmers is really hard to support the family. Moreover, the diet of the children is not sufficient to generate enough nutrition for their body. Lypen always skipped her class and always got sick. In addition, Lypen always went to school without enough study material such as notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencil, and uniform because her grandparents cannot afford it for her and her school did not enough resources to support students as well. Lypen’s grandparents always wanted to migrate to work in Thailand and bring their grandchildren along with them. However, with the assistance from TFCF Cambodia, grandparents decided to keep Lypen at school and cancelled the plan moving to work in Thailand. They always motivate Lypen to school because she is provided daily food and desert in the school. Furthermore with TFCF support, Lypen also gets enough study material from her school such notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils, and school uniform. Lypen looks fresh and get healthy since TFCF has started to support her via her primary school. She is really happy to go to school, to get education from her teacher and to meet her friends.